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At 24 years old, I find myself deeply immersed in the world of film, studying the art and craft at 2 Cape Fear Community College. But let me take you back to where it all began - a picturesque 3 rural town nestled in the heart of Vermont, a place where mountains loomed over us like silent 4 guardians, and lush farmland stretched as far as the eye could see.


Growing up amidst this serene backdrop, my parents regaled me with tales of their own adventures, spanning from the quiet North Carolinian countryside to the bustling streets of Manhattan. These stories, woven with threads of life's rich tapestry, ignited a fervor within me for storytelling and the magic of visual adventures.


My journey into the world of film started with humble beginnings, as I experimented with stop-motion Lego projects, bringing miniature worlds to life one frame at a time. Yet, as I honed my skills, my ambitions soared. It wasn't long before I found myself planning and shooting the beginnings of a short film based on WW1.


Today, I stand before you, a 24-year-old dreamer who ventured far from his Vermont roots to the bustling hub of Wilmington. Here, in the heart of a blossoming film community, I'm pursuing my passion with relentless dedication. Movies, music, and TV have always been the cornerstone of our culture, transcending boundaries and connecting people worldwide. It's the power of storytelling, the thrill of capturing unimaginable serendipities, and the desire to craft unforgettable cinematic experiences that fuels my creative fire.


I'm on a mission to create exceptional movies that resonate with people, to transport them to new worlds, and to evoke emotions they never knew existed. Join me on this extraordinary journey through the lens of a storyteller, as we explore the boundless possibilities of cinema together. I hope we get to work together someday and share some of your creativity with the world!

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